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Artisan & Skills Training Provider

Welcome to ASTP 1 Training cc

ASTP was established in October 2004 with the main objective to do trade test preparation for article 28 candidates. It was soon realised that there was a demand for the training of students with practical experience (art 28).and training at factories. ASTP 1 Training cc is accredited as a training provider.

Training Objectives

Due to the urgent need of artisans in South Africa it is of the utmost importance that training and retraining of artisans are done by individuals and companies. ASTP is a training provider that strives to reduce poverty and to increase productivity at companies. The training presented must be of a high standard to ensure that the candidate will be competent after final assessment.

Training Facilities

ASTP 1 TRAINING cc has a training centre on the premises of the Technical High School in Potchefstroom. The workshop consists out of an electrical and mechanical workshop which is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment, and a student doesn’t need to have his/hers own tools.

Factory Training

ASTP 1 Training cc is the group that does the same training at factories. We realised that factories cannot afford to send artisans to training centres for long periods and for this reason training is taken to the factories. The equipment used is the same as the equipment used in the training centre.

Trade Test Application

Before a student can apply for trade test there are certain criteria that he/she must comply to. Trade test is done at accredited assessment centre. At present the following two centres are used:

1 Merseta Mittal Steel, Vanderbijlpark
2. Department Of Labour Indela, Olifantsfontein

Issuing Of Certificates

The certificates as artisans are issued by the abovementioned organisations.

ASTP Training