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Period: 45 Weeks (Full Time)





  • Standard industrial safety course

Hand Tools

  • Identify measuring , checking, forming, cutting, marking and fastening tools and tooling aids
  • Use measuring, checking, forming, cutting, marking and fastening tools and tooling aids.
  • Maintain measuring, checking, forming, cutting, marking and fastening tools and tooling aids.
  • Use hand tools applicable to the trade.

Workshop Tools

  • Use fixed and portable drilling machines.
  • Use fixed and portable grinding machines including replacing, setting, truing and ringing of wheels.
  • Operate electrical power machines.
  • Use hand operated presses.
  • Mount grinding stone to pedestal grinder. Maximum size: 250 mm diameter wheel RPM: 2000
  • Dress a grinding stone.


  • Identify ferrous and non ferrous metals
  • Identify the following conducting materials with respect to conductivity, current carrying capacity and temperature: copper, aluminium and nickel chrome resistance wire.
  • Identify and use the following insulating materials with respect to resistivity, temperature and hydroscopic qualities: PVC, glass fibre, porcelain, resins, tapes, varnishes, epoxy compounds.

Drawing and Sketches

  • Recall symbols and abbreviations used on electrical circuits for schematic and wiring diagrams, connection schedules, and layout and single line drawings.
  • Recall symbols and abbreviations as used on engineering drawings.
  • Recall symbols and abbreviation pertaining to electronic circuit diagram.
  • Interpret and wire electrical circuits to prescribed standards. Interpret engineering drawings.
  • Interpret electronic drawings Compile material list from electrical, engineering and electronic drawings.
  • Make free hand sketch sketches of existing circuits and installations.
  • Identify type of fits from engineering drawings
  • Recall symbols and abbreviations pertaining to hydraulic circuits diagrams.
  • Recall symbols and abbreviations pertaining to pneumatic circuit diagrams.
  • Interpret and draw hydraulic circuit diagram.
  • Interpret and draw pneumatic circuit diagram.
  • Compile material list from hydraulic and pneumatic drawings.

Marking Off

  • Mark off a project applicable to the trade.
  • Mark off a seven holed flange/coupling.
  • Mark off a five whole flange/ coupling.
  • Mark off a flange consisting of a centre hole.
  • Mark off projects for manufacturing using all standard marking off techniques and tools

Hand Skills

  • Fabricate a project applicable to the trade.
  • Sharpen chisels
  • Sharpen drills
  • Dress screwdrivers
  • Sharpen punches.
  • Sharpen marking off tools

Arc Welding

  • Identify and set up AC and DC welding machines, equipment including starting up and shutting down procedures.
  • Differentiate between arc welding consumables.
  • Prepare material for arc welding.
  • Tack and arc weld work pieces incidental to the trade using manual metal arc welding techniques

Gas Welding And Brazing

  • Identify and set up oxygen fuel gas equipment including light up, adjustment of gas pressure and shut down procedure.
  • Differentiate between brazing and gas welding consumables.
  • Prepare material for brazing and gas welding.
  • Braze and gas weld work piece incidental to the trade.

Gas Cutting And Heating

  • Identify and assemble gas cutting and heating equipment, including light up and shut down procedures.
  • Select nozzles and gas pressure for cutting and heating different materials of various thickness.
  • Hand cut and heat material incidental to the trade.

Electrical Measuring Equipment (Panel Mounted)


Select and connect the following panel mounted meters and interpret the readings:

  • Voltmeter
  • Aammeter
  • KWH meters.

Electrical Testing Instruments (Portable)


Select and connect the following instruments for safety and fault finding as used for electrical systems up to 750 Volts:

  • Multi meter
  • Insulation tester
  • Oscilloscope
  • Earth leakage tester
  • Phase rotation tester
  • Signal generator

Measuring Equipment


Use and set a vernier:

  • Depth
  • Inside
  • Outside


  • Use a tape measure and steel rule
  • Use a calliper- inside and outside
  • Use a machine level
  • Use and set a vernier height gauge
  • Use micrometer

Use the following gauges:

  • Ttelescopic
  • Thread
  • Feeler
  • Double dial set indicator
  • Belt tensioner
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